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About us

Thanks to visit About us page of Tehyzen.com,It’s pioneer of tech news and videos for internet user.Here you will find all tech information and article about mobile computer and internet from zero level.

This website Tehyzen.com is dedicated to all those innocent people who don’t know even the abcd of making money online but the want to earn from internet either part time or for their full time livings.

In this website I regularly use to write new posts & video tutorials  explaining every details about various legit ways of making decent money online,computer & internet technology, web design & development tutorials, working on various software tutorials, Hardware & networking tutorials etc. On the same time I also use to update my older posts to keep them up to date .

About the blogger behind this blog – Hi Guys & Girls , My name is Raju and I am from a remote village of Himanchal Pardesh ,After huge failure & struggle in my life in the journey of earning money, I discovered & researched about various ways of making money online in which I got success after huge struggle & now I earn online even more money than a good teacher.

My child hood –  I was not good in education since from my childhood but my father had a dream & desire that i get a government job of officer class in bank , or railways, college.So even in such a worsted financial condition i have pass matriculation from my village, after matric i have study about English Language with sincerely due to this reason I was able to read,write and speak little bit of English language which I found very useful in the journey of making money online.

After I completed my 12th in 2002 my parents has decided about my marriage,because i have not any sister and my mother used to ill…finally i got married in April 2002. afer one year i have got a child now for my family and children I started hunting for govt jobs but even after 1 year I did not get qualified in any exam, my father suggested me–son its better that you go to big city like Patna and join any good coaching institution which will guide you to get successful. But I knew well that  it requires money for fees and monthly expenses of living in city like Patna which my father can not afford, Since my father is Postmaster in my village Bela Simari and my mother is a house wife,we have only 4 acres of land in village on which my father grows wheat,maize & vegetables.

Ultimately he sent me Patna and told me to go and fulfill his dream.I still remember the day when I was at railway station, The croud full train reaches the station and I touches the feet of my father,he blessed me & told – don’t keep yourself in trouble for money,your father can even sell himself for you.Go & make my dream come true.

I had struggled extremely hard for getting job in bank or Railway in this 8 years .I was in such a worsted financially condition that,I was not even able to meet my requirements for bread & butter.But year 2012 i have pased TET and i have joined a job as as a Primary teacher in 2013 this time I am a teacher at Primary School Dhodhrah dist Khagaria,on minimal pay of 6000 rupees only.it was not enough for my family.I had lot of interest in mobile internet and coputers and i begin my new way to earn money and I realized the power of internet  & got confidence that I can earn much more money than a talented engineer & continued my journey of Entrepreneurship.Thanks to god,that i had got huge success in this field.

on youtube I had learned a lot about computer hardware & networking & web designing. One day accidently I uploaded a video on youtube on after 1 year I got a email from youtube saying that your video has good views & you can  monetize your video . I did it & starting earning few cents like – 0.25 USD , or some time more , I feel that why not upload more videos , I uploaded several videos gradually & my earning started increasing , after six months , I was able to make good money . I left the job from cyber café , and give my full time on researching on how to make money online . and then I started several websites & blogs . Also I started selling antiques on ebay which sells at great price.

My future paln – In next few month , I am going to start a office in my village , train the students of village how to earn money online & also give them jobs with good salary.

My message to you –     In one word I will say – Do whatever you love to do . Make your career in that field in which you are interested , I know lot of problems will come in your way but don’t give up .  I can guarantee that – you will definitely succeed one day !!

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